How Addiction Affects Us

Addiction is a general term that can be related to almost anything that people do in an excessive manner. The first and foremost example is related to drug use. Drug is a medicine or substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or introduced into the body. When hearing this term, some people tend to react, assume and associate this term with addiction first. Drug addiction should be the correct term because this means excessive use of a medicine when the body does not need it. This is one of the most common types of addiction that all of us are aware with. But there are also addictions that we are not familiar with, and still think that it is a normal behavior for everyone.

But first, how do we identify addiction? It is important to notice the signs and symptoms of an addiction in order to cure the person. Here is the list that will help us to identify addiction with the substance or practice:

  • There is this strong urges or cravings;
  • The person has built great tolerance to it;
  • Unable to stop using the substance or practice;
  • Being preoccupied with it;
  • Physical and/or psychological deterioration of the person in relation to the substance or practice;
  • Failure to do the person’s obligation towards family, job or other personal interest.

Addiction is not limited to the excess use of drugs, alcohol, gambling and smoking. These addictions are the most common types. But there are other types of addiction that some people are not aware because they still think it is a part of everyday life. Addiction can be listed into as: substance-related; behavioral; and impulse control disorder. The most common list is the substance-related addiction, which includes: drugs, smoking and alcohol. For the behavioral addiction it includes: gambling, food, sex, video games, internet, shopping, work, exercise. Most of these are part of our everyday living, but if we do it excessively then it becomes an addiction. For the impulse control disorder addiction, it includes: kleptomania, pyromania and obsessive compulsive disorder.

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Understanding Addiction Treatment

If you know someone who is addicted to a substance or practice, you can certainly help them. There are several treatments that can accommodate to every addiction. To know more about addiction and treatments you can also visit for more details. But first, we have to understand its principle so that the patient’s treatment will be more effective.

  • Addiction is a treatable disease that has a main effect in the brain and the behavior of the person;
  • Every case of addiction has different treatments;
  • Medication is the most important part of the treatment, but it should also be accompanied with counseling and other therapies;
  • Once the treatment has started, it is essential for the patient to remain and continue the procedures;
  • While the patient is in the treatment, it is important to always assess their condition and alter their treatment if necessary;
  • It is also important to assess the patient’s medical condition, screening for infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and hepatitis, should be conducted;


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The World’s Common Addiction Ever Known To Man

When you hear the word addiction, most people would think about the element of drug addiction. There is no doubt that the drug addiction is always prevalent. However, there are a number of addictions that we tend to overlook sometimes. Starting the list is the alcohol addiction. Many people all over the world have a problem dealing with alcohol addiction. The alcohol addiction problem has ruined lives and careers of many people. The excessive drinking has also a bad influence on our general health. Tobacco addiction comes in with some serious numbers of the people who are addicted to the substance. Many people are now suffering chest and respiratory related problem simply because they could not live without a cigarette.

drug addiction

drug addiction

Drug addiction is the use of the illegal drugs and wrong use of the prescription medication. Most people who are drug addicts are always running from something in life or they just love to party. It is common to find the drugs being sold at the clubs and others, even online on illegal sites. The drug addiction problem has many countries trying to fight it every day. As much as the fight against the drug addiction is paramount, not many people are seen to quit the drugs. Gambling addiction is another thing that most people tend to ignore. Many people have lost their properties simply because they could not know when to stop gambling. A number of top online casinos do exist today. All of them will entice more people to bet and gamble as much as they can. Most people end up losing their life savings on gambling.

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